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I purchased the domain name This is a major work in progress-Thanks for viewing

This what I posted in the ‘about me’ page:

When some images showed up on a search for the meaning of the word mandala, I instantly appreciated the art. I have trained as a gemologist and know about diamonds. I put the words together but I added a play on the word diamond by using the Italian ‘di’ meaning from a place and monde, meaning world in French, dropped the last letter and there you have it.

I’ve used the word, mandala dimond, in comments on other blogs but decided to use it as a website name for posting articles. As a diamond has many facets in which light is changed to brilliant colors, I hope to offer you a pleasant enhancement to your day.
My name is Tim Burton.
I live in the midsouth of the USA (Memphis area).
I recently retired and I like to discuss many different things.
Thank you for reading,
hope you’re smiling.


Welcome to the the world of WordPress

I started this blog because I read an article from Jay and wanted to simply comment on the excellent research he did on chemtrails (as opposed to contrails). I was going through the process of signing up to make my comment and got a blog. Interesting how that worked out.

While I’m pecking this out my mp3 player is sounding out a great version of Voodoo Chile by Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood done Live from Madison Square Garden.

Anyway, anyone interested in the spraying of particulates and nano juice on life organisms of planet Earth should find and read the article.

Here, I did it for you:

Your welcome, and check out the album.